Te Taiao and a love of insects

Te Taiao is the natural world that contains and surrounds us – the land, water, climate and living begins.  It refers to interconnection of people and nature.  Ko au Te Taiao, ko Te Taiao ko au (I am nature, and nature is me).  It is an eternal relationship of respect, reciprocity and interdependence.

Over the last few months, our children have been extremely interested in insects, seeking them out daily, full of wonder and curiosity of the secret life of bugs.  One of our tamariki in particular has been a driving force behind this interest and he has passed on his love of all things creepy crawly to many of his Beachcomber peers.  Our tamariki love to explore our garden, insects are a taonga (treasure), finding them is a gift and we treat them with love, care and respect.  We extend on this interest through daily discussions with children, research, looking at pictures, drawing and labelling the different body parts, reading books, making homes for our insects.

Every visit from prospective parents and children is exciting and we look forward to meeting you. Feel free to arrange a visit, see the centre and enjoy a chat with our amazing team