At Beachcomber Kindergarten we give children opportunities to lead their play by following their own interests through exploration, inquiry and discovery in our home-like environment.  

Our well-resourced centre promotes children’s development through literacy, numeracy, science and social development across a wide variety of activities and experiences.

Garden and Outdoor Area

Our garden and outdoor play area inspire interest in the natural world. Children can follow their passions and curiosities by exploring the sensory and vegetable gardens, or investigating the worm farm and butterfly garden to witness nature first-hand.  A full shade sail protects children from the sun during the day and creates a bright and comfortable place for children to challenge themselves to run, climb, imagine, laugh and play on and around our inter-changeable purpose built playground..


Our sandpit is another fun place for children to explore. Full of diggers and other toys and alongside our water station, the sandpit enhances dexterity and stimulates the children when working together and collaborating with one another.


Our centre features a dedicated arts and crafts area that we refer to as The Workshop. Packed with materials and art supplies, it is a favourite place to explore for so many of our children, where they can explore their creativity and self-expression through a variety of art mediums.


Back Room

Our big, vibrant, colourful back room hosts the majority of our group activities throughout each day. It is a large comfortable space where our children participate in music, movement, stories and sharing experiences.

Front Room

Right next to the reception, the front room is a smaller, cosier space that is used for quieter activities such as small crafts, puzzles, reading and other toys. The front room offers a calm place for children to pursue individual tasks and activities.


Teachers work alongside children supporting their learning and encouraging them to participate in experiences throughout the centre. Every child gets to choose their own cubby for each day and their first activity upon arriving is to locate their name tag and velcro it to the cubby where they will store their belongings.

Every visit from prospective parents and children is exciting and we look forward to meeting you. Feel free to arrange a visit, see the centre and enjoy a chat with our amazing team