Growing Books

As your child’s early learning journey continues at Beachcomber, a Growing Book (often referred to as portfolios) is created for them which tells a story of their time with us and will accompany them throughout their time at Beachcomber Kindergarten.

Our Growing Books become a much-loved and treasured record of your child’s experiences in the centre as they continue to develop the skills for lifelong learning.

We update the Growing Books regularly with learning stories, photographs and artwork that your children are always very excited to share with you.

Children can take their Growing Books home whenever they wish and they provide an excellent opportunity to explore them and recount experiences together. We invite parents to be involved in their children’s learning by sharing their hopes and aspirations for their children so that we can work together to support this.

They provide an excellent keepsake full of memories of your child’s time with us and parents often tell us that their children continue to treasure these Growing Books long after they have left.

When you visit our childcare centre, be sure to take a look at the Growing Books as they provide one of the best insights into why Beachcomber has become one of East Auckland’s favourite child care centres.

Every visit from prospective parents and children is exciting and we look forward to meeting you. Feel free to arrange a visit, see the centre and enjoy a chat with our amazing team