New Zealand Sign Language

At Beachcomber we are excited to learn New Zealand Sign Language.  It is an official and unique language of New Zealand and is the language of New Zealand’s deaf community.  NZSL uses the hands, the body and facial expressions to express meaning. 

It helps us communicate with everyone, including friends who are deaf or hard of hearing.  It helps our brain development, boosts memory, attention, and creativity.  It also teaches us social skills, such as empathy, patience, and understanding.  Learning NZSL supports our language development and learning new words and it is a lively and engaging way to learn.

We use sign language in our karakia before meal times every day.  We have been learning to communicate using NZSL through songs, learning animal names, colours, numbers and basic greetings and phrases.

Every visit from prospective parents and children is exciting and we look forward to meeting you. Feel free to arrange a visit, see the centre and enjoy a chat with our amazing team